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Firstly, don’t ask me why this post is written in English. I’m clueless. Well, okay, not quite, but let’s just say that i’m not in […]

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Firstly, don’t ask me why this post is written in English. I’m clueless. Well, okay, not quite, but let’s just say that i’m not in the mood to answer questions. In fact, i’ve always loved asking questions more than drawing conclusions. And don’t we all?

The thing with continuous self-development is that, from a certain level on, becoming better hurts like hell. I mean it’s really really hard and, in most cases, at least theoretically, people could stop, because they already know that they are way above average.

Only that, at that point, being better than the people around you doesn’t seem nearly as sexy as it once did. Because you found the real competitor, the only one that you are afraid to ask questions because you know you might get an answer you are not yet prepared for, and that could knock you off your feet.

You found the only guy in the room that you just know you have to respect, no matter what he does. The only guy that looks in the mirror every morning and is absolutely convinced that he can be better than you. For years, you trained yourself to be better than the others, only to find one day that the most difficult task is not proving that you are better than all the rest, but that today you are a little more of yourself than you were the day before.

So yes, in theory, when it hurts we could stop trying but, come on, who are we fooling here? We know that we wouldn’t be able to do that, even if we tried. Because we all love ourselves more or less and, certainly, we all have a hidden desire to shine, at least in our eyes.


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The problem with becoming better is that you could be so dazzling that you can no longer have any contact with reality and to live in a world of your own. The risk of a crazy diamond is to not be able to accomplish simple things and to forget about feelings. I have seen brilliant people that have forgotten to smile, to eat, they had no practical skill.The only thing they knew was to study. Shine, but do not forget that you still live on Earth! Everybody has a special shine because we are unique.


Elena, shining is not only about professional development. I think we should strive to be better human beings and i see no problem in constantly trying to develop our ability to forgive or love, for example.


“Come on you stranger,
You legend, you martyr, and shine!” :)

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