Cateva cuvinte de la o parte dintre oamenii cu care am lucrat pana acum, pe partea de strategii de schimbare. Unele dintre ele sunt preluate de pe Linkedin, asa cum mi-au fost oferite, adica in limba engleza.


Petre, psihoterapeut:

Andrei’s skills of strategic thinking — backed by his ability to take action and stay on course — are nothing short of impressive.

As proven by his track record, he has been able to build and grow his projects according to the very strategies he uses now — as a coach — to help individuals and professionals succeed in their own life and business.

Working with Andrei is highly likely to bring a client or partner more clarity and structure, as well as inspire personal responsibility, maturity, bringing up valuable insights in the process – as well as the tools to make change happen.

The one thing that I admire most about Andrei apart from his obvious intelligence and wit is the fact he is the honest, down-to-earth, no-B.S. kind of person — always speaking straight to the point and keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground (even when daydreaming) — which makes him very reality-oriented (rather than just someone who speaks from theory or mere idealism).

Having known Andrei for a decade and having witnessed his evolution and growth, I can definitely recommend him as a coach to anyone looking for a down-to-earth, pragmatic way to bring about change in their life.


Bogdan, CTO:

Not really sure how to write about a life coach. Big words like “my life took a turn for the better” sound invented, and I’m not really sure what one expects to hear, since I assume coaching interactions are so different.
Working with Andrei produced insights and learnings about myself, my goals, my identity and my inner workings. These insights caused small but consistent changes, and this transformation and discovery process gained momentum. Now I have greater control of my life and I’m better at being me. And I like me, so I don’t really want to become a different person. So that’s good. Thanks Andrei!


Alina, director de operatiuni:

Lucrand cu Andrei am aflat ce ma motivează și cum sa-mi acopăr principalele nevoi; atat cele pe care le am acum, cat și cum sa aplic același principiu pe viitor, când se va schimba balanta. Deci cum sa gătesc pestele și cum sa îl pescuiesc în viitor. :)

M-a ajutat sa inteleg cum se traduc (și se rezolva) simplu niște lucruri care par foarte complicate si mi-a placut abordarea lejera, însă bazata pe explicații raționale, fundamentate de studii; pentru mine funcționează foarte bine lucrurile atunci când sunt explicate logic și susținute de exemple concrete. Iar faptul ca Andrei a venit si cu exemple din experienta lui m-a ajutat sa rezonez și sa pot aplica principiile intelese mai ușor.


Mihai, product consultant:

In the short period that I worked with Andrei, I was able to discover a lot of insights about me, about what drives me, about why I react the way that I do in certain situations. Working with him has also enabled me to learn skills that are extremely useful in life in general, not only business.

Now I am sure that the next time I will get to a steep point, I will have someone to turn to for help.

Thank you Andrei.


Daniel, Managing Director:

Andrei has been my coach for 3 years and in this time I’ve managed to better understand myself and what drives me. Also, he helped me to break some self-imposed barriers and to discover my personal values.
Andrei has a unique understanding of situations, people, and their feelings and through questions, personal stories and active listening he guided me to discover a lot of big things about my life and to accelerate my development.

Every two weeks we talk about me for one hour and this shortly became my favorite part of that day. :)

To summarize, I’m a better human after coaching conversations with Andrei.


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