Ce se intampla de fapt in Liban

August 9th, 2006

Cateva fragmente introductive din Wikipedia (**):

** Lebanon officially the Republic of Lebanon, is a small, largely mountainous country in the Middle East, located at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon is bordered by Syria to the north and east, and Israel to the south, with a narrow coastline along its western edge.

** The name Lebanon (also “Loubnan” or “Lebnan”) is derived from the Semitic root “LBN”, meaning “white”, a reference to snow-capped Mount Lebanon.

** Up until the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990), the country enjoyed a remarkable regional prosperity. Right after the end of that war, a widespread effort to revive the Lebanese economy and infrastructure was put into effect and the first positive results became recently visible. Beirut’s reconstruction was almost complete and a mounting number of tourists was pouring into Lebanon’s resorts.

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** The 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict is an ongoing military conflict in northern Israel and Lebanon, primarily between Hezbollah and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), with the Lebanese Army marginally involved. The conflict began two weeks after the start of the 2006 Israel-Gaza conflict.

** Triggered by a cross-border Hezbollah raid and diversionary shelling which resulted in the capture of two and killing of three Israeli soldiers, Israel initiated an air and naval blockade of Lebanon, massive airstrikes across much of the country, and ground incursions into southern and eastern Lebanon. Hezbollah has engaged Israeli forces on the ground with hit-and-run guerrilla attacks and frequent rocket attacks into Northern Israel. The conflict has killed hundreds of people, caused widespread infrastructure damage in Lebanon, displaced more than a million people, and disrupted normal life across most of Lebanon and the northern part of Israel. Attacks on civilian population centers and infrastructure have drawn sharp criticism internationally.Hezbollah Logo

** The Hezbollah (meaning Party of God) is a broadly popular Shi’a Islamist organization and political party in Lebanon, comprising a military and a civilian arm. Its primary goals are to defend Southern Lebanon against Israel and to secure the release of Lebanese from Israeli prisons.  It also opposes, at least ideologically, Israel’s right to exist. Although Hezbollah has been implicated in a number of terrorist acts, there is disagreement in the international political community about whether it merits designation as a terrorist organization in full, in part, or not at all. While the Hezbollah is considered by the US, Israel and Canada to be a terrorist organization, the governments of many Muslim nations regard Hezbollah as a legitimate resistance movement.

Dupa cum scriam si in post-urile anterioare, am un amic, cetatean libanez, care e stabilit in Romania. Am reusit sa discut de doua ori cu el, pe Messenger, in ultimele 2 saptamani. Am sa public mai jos cateva fragmente din discutia cu el. Mentiuni: 1.nu am sa public chiar toata discutia; 2. desi amicul meu, numit in continuare W.Y. mai face pe parcursul discutiei greseli gramaticale (ceea ce e de inteles fiindca e in Romania de mai putin de 3 ani) nu am sa le corectez, ci le postez cu copy-paste din arhiva messenger-ului. 

Andrei Rosca: cum e in liban situatia ?
Andrei Rosca: s-au potolit lucrurile ?
W.Y.: razboi
W.Y.: distractie mare
Andrei Rosca: mai ai prieteni acolo ?
Andrei Rosca: sau au plecat..
W.Y.: nu sa potolit nimic
W.Y.: merge in continuare
W.Y.: inca nu
W.Y.: eu sunt in liban acuma
Andrei Rosca: pe bune ?
Andrei Rosca: ce cauti acolo ?
Andrei Rosca: de ce nu vii in romania ?
W.Y.: da si nu pot sa plec
Andrei Rosca: de ce ?
Andrei Rosca: de ce nu poti sa pleci ?
Andrei Rosca: nu te lasa ?
W.Y.: nu
W.Y.: numai sint strazile
W.Y.: toate sau distrus
W.Y.: si airoport numai avem

Andrei Rosca: pe camp nu puteti sa o luati ?
W.Y.: pai si daca cade o bomba pe tine
W.Y.: asteptam
Andrei Rosca: si de cine e atacat ?
Andrei Rosca: ce forte ? gueriila ?
W.Y.: huzb allah

W.Y. (7/31/2006 3:17:34 PM): sa rogi pt noi

O saptamana mai tarziu (acum doua zile):

Andrei Rosca: ma uit la poze din Liban si nu imi vine sa cred ce se intampla acolo
W.Y.: da ma e grav
Andrei Rosca: dar cu civilii au ceva ?
W.Y.: nu
W.Y.: doar asa pentru distractie
Andrei Rosca: tu vorbesti serios ?
W.Y.: pai da
W.Y.: sa enerveaza pe huzbu allah
Andrei Rosca: dar huzbu allah pentru ce lupta ?
W.Y.: pentru pamantu nostru
Andrei Rosca: ca sa il pastreze ?
W.Y.: dap
Andrei Rosca: civilii (voi) tineti cu huzbu allah ? adica ii sustineti ?
W.Y.: jumatate asa si jum asa
Andrei Rosca: aha
W.Y.: dar nici o data cu israel
Andrei Rosca: adica toata lumea uraste israelul ?
Andrei Rosca: (toata lumea din Liban )
W.Y.: dap
Andrei Rosca: si din punctul vostru de vedere, Israelul pentru ce face asta? pentru bogatiile Libanului ?
W.Y.: da. pamantul nostru e foarte bun
W.Y.: stii
W.Y.: si vor ei

Andrei Rosca: tu unde esti acum ?
W.Y.: am venit in romania
W.Y.: am fugit de acolo
Andrei Rosca: ai reusit ?
Andrei Rosca: cand ai venit ?
W.Y.: acuma cateva zile
W.Y.: 2 3
W.Y.: dupa ce am vb cu tine
Andrei Rosca: foarte bine
W.Y.: da
Andrei Rosca: ai venit cu familia ?
W.Y.: da
Andrei Rosca: si cum ati reusit ?
W.Y.: toti
W.Y.: a fost putin greu dar am trecut prin strazile naspa
Andrei Rosca: aha
Andrei Rosca: prin ce tara ati iesit ?
W.Y.: am fost in siria
Andrei Rosca: aha
W.Y.: dar am plecat din jordania
W.Y.: k aveam bilete de avion cu tarom
W.Y.: si nu opreste in siria opreste in jordania
W.Y.: si am venit de acolo
Andrei Rosca: am inteles
Andrei Rosca: toata lumea poate sa plece din Liban ?
W.Y.: da
Andrei Rosca: dar cei care locuiesc acolo
Andrei Rosca: libanezii
Andrei Rosca: nu vor sa plece  ?
W.Y.: ba da
W.Y.: dar sint une care nu pot
W.Y.: k nici nau bani’
W.Y.: si banca nu mai da bani acuma
Andrei Rosca: de ce ?
W.Y.: toate lumea vor sa scoate bani din banca
W.Y.: si nici banca nu au bani
W.Y.: pt toate lumea
Andrei Rosca: aha
Andrei Rosca: in ce parte a libanului ai stat ?
W.Y.: bekaa
W.Y.: e in mijloc
W.Y.: si acolo in chtoura
Andrei Rosca: am vazut pe harta
Andrei Rosca: spune-mi despre huzbu allah. sunt multi ?
W.Y.: sint dar nu prea
Andrei Rosca: dar au baze militare ? sau se ascund ?
W.Y.: ascund
W.Y.: nu se stie unde sint
Andrei Rosca: nici guvernul libanez nu stie ?
W.Y.: nimeni stie
Andrei Rosca: dar de unde are huzbu allah-ul rachete ?
W.Y.: din iran si siria

Mi se pare incorect si inuman ceea ce face Israelul iar SUA, ca de obicei, nu au nimic mai bun de facut decat sa caute si sa intretina conflictele. Oscar Wilde zicea bine: “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.” Macar arabii au scuza ca nu au trecut inca de faza barbarismului. Am sa ma opresc aici cu comentariile.

Am mai scris doua mini-post-uri despre Liban aici:  Liban,  Liban [2]

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  • Lucian D. Cismigiu says:

    Stimabile, comentariul dumitale: “mi se pare incorect si inuman ce face Israelul”, este doct si pertinent.
    Banuiesc ca daca ati petrece inca niscaiva luni la pascutul oilor pe plaiurile mioritice, fluierand din nai, v-ati adanci si mai mult cunoasterea si ati contribui si mai eficient la dreptatea pe pamant.
    Am apreciat la justa voloare si sensibilitatea dvs. , lasand accentul arabesc in romaneste neatins. Bravo.

  • Andrada says:

    Va rog frumos, as putea avea id-ul de messenger al dl. Andrei Rosca?

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