Bad Employees

August 1st, 2007

Iti place sau nu, oricat de bun ai fi, se intampla ca, din cand in cand, sa angajezi (sau sa iei in echipa ta) oameni…nepotriviti. Cand reusesti sa ii identifici lucrurile merg ceva mai usor: alegi sa te lupti cu ei si sa incerci sa ii “imblanzesti” fiindca au cateva calitati la care nu ai vrea sa renunti sau pur si simplu scapi de ei. Ii scoti din echipa.

Apropo, nu cred ca exista angajati prosti care sa nu traga echipa in jos. Atunci cand vorbesti de calitatea umana a cuiva nu prea exista un nivel mediu, neutru. Ori e bun si adauga valoare echipei, ori e prost si atunci scapi de el cat mai repede sau devii brusc mai religios si incepi sa te rogi mai des ca totul sa iasa bine.

Am gasit pe cateva tipuri de astfel de angajati si am selectat 3 tipare care apar frecvent. Oameni pe care nu ii vrei in echipa. Cei de la Forbes dau si cateva “solutii” posibile.

Thieves You’re not a Sunday school teacher, and you can’t run a business while waiting for an employee to develop morals. Some workers feel they’re not paid enough and therefore help themselves to whatever they can grab. Others just feel entitled to as much loot as they can pilfer. It makes no difference. If the thievery continues after a stern warning, fire the worker; such people can do irreparable harm to the company.

The Chronically Late Such workers may not understand the rules and may not know what’s expected of them. They may be procrastinators who don’t know how to get started or simply don’t know how to manage their time. Set rules and enforce them. Document repeated tardiness. Make it clear that if they’re not at work on time, they’ll have to make up the hours or their pay will be docked.

Perfectionist A perfectionist never gets off the dime. They fuss and fulminate and believe everything has to be just so. They seek to control the small details because they’re afraid of failure. Don’t expect perfectionists to be good team players. They do best with solitary, rule-based tasks and often excel at accounting or other detailed jobs.

Cu mentiunea ca la ultima categorie e discutabil. Exista si perfectionisti care sunt buni jucatori de echipa.

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