Armata Romana

August 25th, 2006

Am gasit cateva lucruri interesante pe Wikipedia despre Armata Romana :) . Am sa subliniez partile “interesante”.
The Romanian Land Forces have completely overhauled their equipment and today they are one of the most modernized armies in Eastern Europe. The modernized battle tank TR-85 M1 is the main pride of the Romanian army alongside its new GEPARD Anti-air system, however the full modernization will not be over until 2007.

8 combat brigades, 4 combat support and 2 logistic brigades comprise the military of Romania, while 10 combat, 5 combat support and 2 logistic brigades can be further mobilized in case of crisis.

About 75,000 of the military personnel and 15,000 of the civilians comprise the army, for a total of 90 000 men and women. Out of these 75.000, cca. 45.800 are in the Land Forces. Conscription is supposed to be abolished by 2007 according to the Romanian Ministry of Defence.

The current Romanian corps are smaller then the regular corps and are organized somewhat like divisions, save for the fact that they seem to be slightly larger. In some respects this organization is very similar to that of the modern structure of the French army. Their structure is as follows:

1st Territorial Army Corps – HQ Bucharest

* 2nd Infantry Brigade – Craiova
* 282 Mechanized Brigade – FocÅŸani
* 2nd Mountain Troops Brigade “Sarmisegetusa” – BraÅŸov
* 10th Brigade Eng. – Brăila
* 6th Mixted Artilery Brigade – FocÅŸani
* 8th Logistics Brigade – PloieÅŸti
* one NBC bat., one paratrooper bat. and other supporting units

4th Territorial Army Corps – HQ Cluj-Napoca

* 81st Mechanized Brigade – BistriÅ£a and IaÅŸi
* Miercurea Ciuc Mountain Troops Brigade – Miercurea Ciuc
* 1 Mixed Artilery Brigade – Åžimleul Silvaniei
* 1 Eng. Brigade – Alba Iulia
* one NBC bat. , one paratrooper bat. and other supporting unites

The Bucharest Garrison – HQ Bucharest

The Honour Guard Regiment – HQ Bucharest

Battle Support Battalions – HQ Bucharest “

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